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Landing Page_Meals Webinar

Join us for an insight-packed 45 minute session with two of Black Swan's experts, covering:

  • Key growth topics shaping the future of the Foods & Meals category
  • Predicted future trends in Meals ingredients, products, benefits, and theme
  • The trends shaping Meals occasions from street foods and birthdays, to bridal shows and on a commute
  • Differences and similarities in the US and UK markets
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Now and Next snacking 3

Join Brigette Wolf and Barbara Schandl from Mondelez and the team from Black Swan as they discuss:

  • Recent dynamics in Snacking and adjacent categories
  • Differences and similarities between US and UK markets
  • How brands should plan for the future post-Covid 19
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Diverging Behavious in Personal Care 3

Cherie Leonard from Colgate-Palmolive and Phil Norminton from Black Swan dive into Personal Care in a discussion about:

  • The latest dynamics in the Personal Care category during Covid-19
  • Seizing the opportunity to engage consumers and be more relevant
  • Emerging trends likely to sustain and drive the category
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Debunking the New Normal 3

Elaine Rodrigo from Reckitt Benckiser and Richard Maryniak from Black Swan uncover the new normal in a discussion about:

  • Evidence of new consumer behaviours because of Covid-19
  • What it takes to be truly consumer-first during the Covid-19 storm
  • Skincare category deep dive: Diverging behaviours and implications for brands and product owners 
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Beyond Uncertainty 2

Nick Rich from Carlsberg, Augustin Buenano from GateGroup, and the Black Swan team seek to move beyond uncertainty in a discussion about:

  • Changes in consumer tensions, attitudes, and behaviours due to Covid-19
  • Tactical opportunities for brand building and marketing mix activity
  • Looking at the horizon to which trends are temporary and which will sustain
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