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Prices are going up, disposable incomes are shrinking, and consumer behaviours are changing.

How should Snack brands respond?


Just as the COVID-19 pandemic is beginning to fade into the background, snack brands are once again being forced to adapt to shifting consumer preferences, this time because of the Cost-of-Living Crisis. Conversations around economic concerns rose 56% since 2021, with healthy snacking attracting a particularly high volume of price scrutiny.

Which product concepts are most relevant when consumers are squeezed? Is it time to shift away from nutritious foods and focus on value packs?

Our latest report analyses over 69 million consumer conversations to help snack brands navigate this crisis and identify the top predicted trends they should be actioning in their product innovation strategies.


Read the report to find out:

1) Today’s drivers of change in Snacking

2) What consumers care about now and where the greatest focus is on price vs. value

3) How to optimise your current product portfolio and unlock greater sales.


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