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Prices are going up, disposable incomes are shrinking, and consumer behaviours are changing.

How should Spirits & Liqueurs brands respond?


Even the most recession-proof sectors are feeling the impact of the Cost-of-Living Crisis, with conversations around economic concerns rising 134% YOY in the Spirits & Liqueurs Category. In light of this market uncertainty, brand leaders have a lot of questions:

Are consumers trading down to cheaper alternatives? What are consumers unwilling to compromise on? Is sustainable sourcing still a purchasing driver?

Our NEW report analyses over 13 million consumer conversations to help Spirits & Liqueurs brands navigate this crisis and identify the top predicted trends they should be actioning in their product innovation strategies.


Read the report to find out:

1) Future drivers of change in Spirits & Liqueurs

2) Where consumers are justifying price-tags and prioritising value over cost

3) How to optimise your current product portfolio and unlock greater sales


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