Over The Counter medicine trends are evolving.

How are you staying up to date?


It’s a challenging time for OTC cold and flu medicine manufacturers. Mistrust in the claims and benefits of ‘big pharma’ company’s products has risen in recent years, while people are increasingly experimenting with homemade remedies and natural ingredients. Today’s consumers are just as likely to seek medical advice for colds and flus on social media, forums and blogs as they are to search for regulatory-approved products.


So, how can you stay up to date with changing trends? By reading our latest eBook! 


It outlines a blueprint for successful OTC cold and flu medicine innovation, identifying 19 key growth trends from over 12 million consumer conversations


In this report, you’ll discover:

1) Macro trends shaping the OTC medicine category

2) Emerging, growing and mature flu support trends

3) What consumers are looking for today

4) Why (and how) their needs will change tomorrow

5) How to optimise your current product portfolio


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