Let us introduce you to Pulse.

Taking the Pulse of the nation, this report enables brands to stay ahead of societal and cultural changes

arising from the COVID-19 pandemic so they can activate fast, when the time is right.

How is Pulse different?

Unlike ‘traditional’ social listening approaches which begin with hypothesising what trends people might be talking about, Pulse’s methodology is built from the bottom-up.

It uses a unique taxonomy of over 350,000 cultural trend entities – brands, sports, movies, artists, movements, organisations and more – combined with a network science approach to understand how these entities are naturally clustering together in conversation.

The result is the most comprehensive analysis of broad themes and trends in social conversation, giving brands a fast, accurate read of how the nation is talking and responding to COVID-19.



Who is Pulse designed for?

Pulse provides Marketing and Consumer Research teams with a regular cadence of trend intelligence that helps them stay informed and track the effects of COVID-19.  More specifically:

  • Pulse of the nation – what’s important and driving conversation right now?
  • Brand Positioning – how should I position brand values in light of COVID-19?
  • Communication and Activation planning – how, when, and where should my brand engage in conversation?




The Pulse report enables you to answer:

  • What COVID-19 themes are consumers most concerned about? ​

  • What implications is this having on attitudes and behaviour? ​

  • Which social tensions are emerging and appropriate for my brand to engage in?​

  • Which media platforms and entertainment properties are gaining traction?​

  • How is the mood of the nation changing and what’s accelerating in importance? 



Report features:

  • COVID-19 conversation overview
  • YTD, MoM and WoW snapshot of 60 x known and unknown trends including:
    • Social Tensions (e.g. increasing Mental Health concerns)​
    • Behaviour & Attitudes (e.g. the role of Single-Use Plastic)​
    • Entertainment Trends (e.g. Augmented Reality Art)​
  • Short and long term implications and recommendations
  • Markets covered are: US, UK and Global