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Webinar | 23rd April | 2pm (BST) / 9am (EST)


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Objectivity during the COVID-19 crisis

Let us give you a little respite from the noise. Something practical to take back to the business. Data-driven, timely insight surfaced directly from consumers themselves, through social data. 

There’s much published about the ‘new normal’ - but data reveals the reality… What are consumers actually saying and doing? Which baseline trends have accelerated, which have become less relevant, and which are likely to sustain as we navigate the next phase of a CV19 impacted world?

Using analysis gathered from our robust time-series datasets, as well as client and guest speakers, our webinar series will share the underlying changes of behaviour we’re witnessing. Helping brands stay connected with consumers and navigate the COVID-19 storm.


#2 Debunking the ‘new normal’

In this 45-minute session, members of the Black Swan Insight and Strategy team will be joined by Dr Elaine Rodrigo, Chief Insights & Analytics Officer at Reckitt Benckiser to understand:

  • What evidence is there of new behaviours? How is this different to what we were seeing before? What is likely to sustain?
  • How do we stay connected to consumers through this period of uncertainty? What does it take to be truly consumer-first during CV-19?
  • Skincare category deep-dive: What diverging behaviours are becoming apparent? What are the implications for brands and product owners? What tactical opportunities are manifesting?