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Diverging behaviours in Personal Care with Colgate Palmolive

No category has seen more change throughout the COVID-19 pandemic than Personal Care. Consumers’ priorities have shifted from hygiene to hydration to how to look good online. Our data signposts continued divergence of behaviours and needs with emerging trends likely to disrupt the category in the short to medium term at least. 

For example, the luxury of spare time has meant consumers are trialling previously unachievable, K-beauty inspired skincare routines. Conversely, others are using the pandemic as a chance to reduce their usage habits and reassess their attitude to Skincare and Beauty.

And what’s next? Before COVID-19 key category drivers included Naturals, Sustainability and Wellness but many of these have fallen to the wayside in favour of efficacy and function. Then there’s the huge increase in homemade DIY products - part driven by necessity, part by experimentation - will this continue to grow? Finally, this is a sector in which people have traditionally turned to in times of economic hardship for a luxury pick-me-up. Is this likely to repeat when life goes back to normal?

In this 45-minute session, we’re thrilled to be joined by Cherie Leonard, Associate Director of Foresight & Sustainability at Colgate Palmolive.  We’ll share our latest behavioural insights and trend analysis from our Beacon reports, whilst Cherie will offer her knowledge and wisdom about how brands should be responding to COVID-19 and planning for the future. 


Questions we will address:

  • The impact of CV-19: What’s the latest dynamic in the Personal Care category? How is this evolving week-on-week as we go from early-stage hygiene concerns to confinement to the more relaxed lockdown forecast as part of ‘phase two’?
  • Seizing the initiative: Which consumer needs and wants are emerging? Naturals vs hygiene? New routines vs detox? Luxury brands vs every day staples? How can brands seize the initiative and adapt their marketing and product mix to engage consumers and be more relevant?
  • A look to the future: Which emerging trends are likely to sustain disruption and why? Are the drivers before COVID-19 still relevant? What should brands with existing pipeline and marketing activities do; pause or continue forward and ride out the storm?


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