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Webinar | 28th May | 2pm (BST) / 9am (EST)

Objectivity during the COVID-19 crisis

Let us give you a little respite from the conjecture. Something practical to take back to the business. Data-driven, timely insight surfaced directly from consumers themselves, through social data.

There’s much published about shifts in consumer behaviour and the ‘new normal’ - but data reveals the truth…what are consumers actually saying and doing? Which baseline trends have accelerated, which have become less relevant, and which are likely to sustain as we navigate the next phase of COVID-19?


Now and Next: Snacking deep-dive with Mondelez

Stay-at-home consumers have loaded their cupboards and pantries with sweets, crisps and baked goods during COVID-19. Functionally, these products are readily available, long-lasting and go hand-in-glove with a Netflix binge-a-thon. Emotionally, they offer people comfort and reassurance in a period of change and heightened anxiety. But as we enter the next phase(s) of the pandemic, with the restrictions of lockdown easing and the economic fallout becoming clearer, which emerging motivations and behaviours will sustain and shape the future of the Snacking category?

Using analysis gathered from Black Swan’s robust time-series datasets, Nik Pearmine, VP of Client Strategy and Katy Parsons, Insights Director will aim to explore these themes and more, giving you evidence and ideas to inspire your insight, marketing and innovation strategy. 

We’re also thrilled to be joined by Brigette Wolf and Barbara Schandl from the Mondelez Snacking Futures team who will be on hand to comment on the insights surfaced and discuss the topics and issues most important to them in their roles right now.


Key questions we will address:

  1. Category dynamics: What are the latest dynamics we’re observing in the Snacking category? What conversation themes and topics are continuing to grow in relevance? How does this compare to adjacent categories like Beverages, Meals and Supplements?
  2. Cultural differences: What differences and similarities are we seeing between the US vs UK? Are the overriding attitudes and behaviours similar? If so, how are they manifesting in different ways? How should brands step-up and engage in each market?
  3. Looking back to look forward: How is today’s Snacking category, albeit still in an artificial state, different to pre-Covid-19? As consumers adapt to their ‘new normal’, are we seeing a return of the important themes and drivers pre-Covid-19 (e.g. plant-based, protein, environmentally-friendly)? How should brands plan for the future?



Webinar 4 Snacking Deep Dive with Mondelez Speakers